Tanks and Equipment

Why Saltwater?

Seahorses are too precious!

Everyone asks why we have a saltwater tank. They are expensive to set up and maintain, and building a captive ocean community takes skill, research and a lot of good luck. I understand the puzzled looks and, yes, getting started was difficult. However, the plants and animals are more colourful and more active, in my mind, than those living in regular freshwater habitats. I also wanted something that I’d find attractive for many years, so saltwater was the answer.

Once the hubby and I married, we stopped doing most of the  maintenance ourselves, opting for professional maintenance, instead. We want as much leisure time as possible and found a great discount for a year of service. When the promotional period ended, our price did not go up very much so we kept the service. We take comfort in knowing that all of those expensive little beasties in the tank are well cared for!

One of my nieces asked what sea creature I’d like to have, in a perfect world. I thought about having an octopus, but they are so smart that I’d probably need to provide entertainment or risk him or her climbing out of the tak to raid the refrigerator, which made my niece laugh.  I’d really rather have a pair of seahorses or a set of sea dragons. Both creatures seem very sweet and terribly delicate.

What creature would you like for your saltwater, or freshwater, aquarium?


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