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Best Saltwater Tank Fish

tang fishIt’s no secret that a saltwater tank takes a lot of time, money and effort to make things operate smoothly. It’s something I’ll speak about often. But in my opinion, the benefits far exceed the risks. Saltwater tanks are beautiful, and saltwater fish are just more colorful, more lively, and most will actually live a lot longer if cared for properly. But what are some of the best saltwater fish to own? Here are a few you might want to try out.

Butterfly fish are first on my list. Over all the world’s oceans, you can find literally hundreds of varieties of these fish, in everything from spots and stripes to splashes of color like Jackson Pollock. These fish are typically easy to care for, and you will love watching them swim around.

Another great choice is a Watchman goby. These fish are typically a greenish-yellow color spotted in blue or pink. They are gorgeous, especially if you have aquarium lights, and they thrive well in a lot of different environments.

Rounding out the list, Tangs are also another great saltwater selection. Tangs are those perch-looking fish that are bright yellow, have a puckered mouth, and tend to be very feisty. These are good fish for large tanks, so consider that before buying any.

There are dozens of different types of fish that would work great, but these above are a few of my favorites.


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