Sea Life / Seahorse

7 Unknown facts about Seahorse

Seahorses look good in the fish tank. They are really beautiful. They have horse like head and look like the horse on chess board. There are many things not known about these deep-sea inhabitants. They seem to float in the water. They are a symbol of healthy Sea World. Protecting them is necessary to keep the ecosystem in place.


The Beautiful Seahorse

Some of the lesser known facts about seahorses are:

  • They are fish – They do not look like a fish but are of the same class as other fish like Tuna.
  • Male seahorse is the mother – They behave opposite to most species. When mating the female leaves up to 50 eggs in the abdominal pouch of the male.
  • Voracious eaters – In spite of their small size they eat a lot. They feed on plankton and shrimp. They have unique digestive system devoid of teeth and stomach.
  • They are monogamous – Once they find a partner, they become married for life. Really it is true. Their courtship is beautiful consisting of dancing and changing colors.
  • Only afraid of crabs – The seahorse does not have much to worry. None except the crab eats it.
  • Unique eyes – They have excellent sight, and their eyes can work separately. One eye can look forward and one watches their back. Amazing!!!!
  • Slowest swimmers – They are one of the slowest movers. A seahorse sometimes moves only 5 feet in an entire day (24 Hours). This is much slower than the snail.

I am going to get a seahorse for my saltwater fish tank. It will really make it different, and I will watch them to learn more unknown facts.


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