Aquarium / Maintenance

Tips to maintain a saltwater aquarium

Saltwater aquariums are more vibrant and colourful but require more upkeep. Most important is the health of the fish and the oxygen content. Salt water is corrosive and the level of salt also needs to be checked regularly. Here are some amazing tips which can help you maintain your aquarium in a beautiful condition.

Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium


  • Do not get fooled by movements and colour – Extra watch must be kept for the following symptoms which signal disease in sea fish.(1) Erratic swimming(2) Rapid movement of gill(3) Spots on body(4)Lack of movement(5)Fungal growth.
  • Examine fish while buying – Always examine fish  while you are purchasing it. They may not be eating and always make sure they are eating before adding them to the aquarium. Fishes that do not eat may be ill and affect other fish in the aquarium.
  • Read regularly on fish behaviour – There is no substitute to knowledge about the pets. Hence always keep on reading about them.Internet can also become a resource of knowledge.
  • Buy quality food – Always buy fish food from trusted vendors. Take care of the quality standards and the fishes will live longer.
  • Keep an eye on water temperature – Temperature control is very essential for health of fish. Too cold or too hot water will make them susceptible to many diseases. They are just like humans and become more prone in changing season.
  • Check salt percentage regularly – Salt water needs to be checked for the percentage of salt regularly. Too high or too low concentration will affect the health of animals and plants in your aquarium.

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