House / Salamander

Salamander House

Hey folks I have a new pet which neither lives on land or water. It needs both. No, it is not a frog. I do not like frogs, they are slimy and urinate when touched. I got a better animal. A salamander which was injured at the river bank near my home. To watch it in the surroundings I built myself is bliss.


How I built the living space for the salamander?

I first tried the usual way of keeping it a glass box which I bought at the aquarium shop with a water bowl for water. However he got sick. Then I consulted a biologist and got an information that the salamander likes to be moist and cool. So I now realized that the aquarium without the water was dry and killing my pet. I made some subtle changes. I bought a smaller aquarium and filled it with water. This was the swimming ground for my Salamander.

Then I brought an old log from outside and cut it o size and fit it in the larger glass box. It would be the place of hiding for my cute pet. The next thing I did was to fill sand in the box mixed with a bit of soil so that it could feel like a river bank. River banks are the natural habitat of Salamanders.

These subtle changes brought anew life into my pet. It now swam in the water, played in the hiding space of the log and enjoyed running on the sandy mud. The glass box has to be cleaned every month but my pet is happy.


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