Aquarium / New Zealand

The National Aquarium of New Zealand

A zoo or an aquarium must not just be a place where animals are kept in cages, while people just look on. It must be an intuitively designed area, where the animals get to live their lives as they would have in the wild, and the people engage with them in their own habitat. The National Aquarium of New Zealand certainly kept that in mind when designing the place- it’s absolutely beautiful, and the fauna kept there are treated so well, there is no cause for complain.

National Aquarium New Zealand

National Aquarium of New Zealand is home to thousands of sea creatures- big and small. You can observe the multicoloured fish, the splendid squids and even the biggest predators of the ocean. Of course, the best part about the aquarium is the fact that if you’re interested, you can do more than just observe- you can come into close contact with the animals!

The aquarium has several Close Encounter programs that allow children (mostly) and some adults to come in contact with a wide range of animals- from piranhas, to penguins, alligators and other reptiles. The most thrilling Close Encounter program is the “Swimming with the Sharks”. You will get the opportunity to swim at the surface, while sharks, stingrays and other magnificent creatures swim along with you!

Moreover, the Aquarium has a number of educational programmes aimed at people of different ages. This gives people the opportunity to completely understand the animals they are seeing, and also inculcates a love for fauna in the little ones. It’s not really surprising that this is one of the world’s best aquariums, is it?


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