Shark in Home Aquarium

Sharks are predominantly predators. They mainly live in oceans, but you can also keep them in a home aquarium. They are beautiful. But you need to have to set up a separate aquarium for them. Some of the fishes are just labelled as sharks and not sharks. Here are ttwo of the pet sharks that you can keep in your aquarium:

The Wobbegong

The Wobbegong – Is it not the coolest fish name you ever heard? This is a shark species well suited for the home aquarium. Mind it choose the species well as some of these can grow up to 10 feet. You would not want your aquarium filling up you apartment. These are found naturally off the coast of Australia and Indonesia and are classified as carpet sharks due to the markings on their bodies. This is a fish with very slow metabolism and mostly sits at the bottom of the tank and eats only twice a week.  The best species for your home aquarium would be  either tasselled wobbegong or Wards wobbegong.

Bamboo Shark

Bamboo Shark – The bamboo shark is another species that you can keep in a home aquarium. They are found in Indo-West Pacific Ocean and have dexterous fins they can use to walk on ocean floor. A bamboo shark should be kept in a large aquarium. Unlike Wobbegong it is quite aggressive and this should be taken into consideration before purchasing.


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