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Fully-Absorbing Hobby – Salt Water Aquarium


I can’t complain – for my hobby – which as you know by now, is my saltwater aquarium – there are enough great pet shops around that stock everything I need to make a real go of it – a good range of everything I need. My saltwater aquarium has certainly been a wonderful addition to my home, and is filled with some exotic and pretty expensive fish. I can tell you its has certainly been a conversation piece this saltwater fish tank of mine.

tips to take care of saltwater aquarium

I’ve actually learned quite a bit about keeping an aquarium going, found some great Facebook sites and from one got a free ebook with a lot of info in.  I think having the tank has given me an greater appreciation for the marine creatures living beyond the waves. I’d love to be able to keep a turtle as they’re an endangered species, but in the meantime I’m keeping up to date with Turtle Watch, which keeps the public informed about the movements of some special turtles. At present I’m trying to find out what breeds of turtles you can keep in a home tank and how much a licence is – that kind of thing. I would prefer one of the small sizes. I hope some of you out there can come up with some new ideas for my saltwater tank – its a never-ending fascination.


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