About Angel

Yes, my given name is Angela, but I prefer Angel. It’s the perfect juxtaposition against my leather jacket is just too good to pass up! I’m actually a pretty quiet woman with a large salt water aquarium and two cats. I do not own a motorcycle, but I make leather studded jewelry for friends. I have no children, but I do have a husband and a sister, living nearby.

That aquarium takes up most of my free time, but I like going to a beach, when I have the time. That’s once a year because I have to be on vacation to find the time. I’m not one for splashing around in the ocean, so I lie on the beach and listen to the silence between the roar of waves and seagull calls.

Saltwater tanks are expensive, so I look for bargains, everywhere. Most of my blog will feature something about aquariums and sea life, but I am not a one-dimensional person, so I’ll probably talk about my friends and family, too.



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